Health and Wellness

Mzee Foundation promotes the health and wellness of its persons of concern through advocating for better health and wellness. Health care and transport support Counselling (aimed at improving Mental Health Psychosocial Support) Home care services HIV/AIDS Disabilities and rehabilitation Outreach and emergency food distribution for vulnerable households

Rights and Advocacy

We lobby for the rights of elderly and vulnerable children to access resources and opportunities and to exercise their fundamental freedoms through dialogue with local community leaders, district gender offices, cultural and religious leaders to create a conducive policy environment for these people.

Livelihoods and Food Security

Mzee is aware of the greater need for food security for its target populations and the ever increasing concern for the environment and climate change. Emphasis is on supporting communities to utilize appropriate environmental friendly technologies and empowering women and youth to participate in environment management decision making processes. Sustainable agriculture Environment and climate change Water and sanitation

Social and Economic Development

This is a key programming component for Mzee Foundation where economic empowerment activities are aimed at supporting communities through mobilization, skills building and leveraging on linkages and partnerships. Women and Youth economic empowerment Village Savings and Loans Associations Income Generating Activities (IGAS) Functional Adult Literacy (FAL) and financial literacy Social enterprise groups Business incubation and mentorship

Education Program

The term “highly vulnerable children” (HVC) generally refers to individuals under age 18 whose safety, well-being, and/or development is at significant risk due to inadequate care, protection or access to essential services. HVC include those who are orphaned; receive inadequate adult support because of death, abandonment, economic distress, or chronic illness; have HIV/AIDS or are suspected of having HIV; are directly affected by armed conflict; live outside of family care; or are otherwise unsupported by traditional social safety nets in their communities. Mzee advocates and promotes education for HVC as we believe education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty for the vulnerable. Education sponsorship School infrastructure support (Water, hygiene and sanitation) Literacy initiatives